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What does Lifted Logix Mean for You?  

Cost Savings: By coming together, we can take the power back from the hordes of vendors that have been trying to make a quick buck on the “cannabis craze.”  You still make your own purchasing decisions.  It’s just that when you do decide to make a purchase, it will be much less expensive doing it through the GPO than if you did it on your own.

Improved Quality: We subject all potential suppliers to a full vetting process to ensure credibility and competency. 

Time Savings: Stop dealing with all those vendors and “reps.”  Let us do it for you.

A Trustworthy Marketplace: Because our members include growers, processors, and dispensaries, one very beneficial side-effect of the GPO is that it creates a marketplace that its members can trust.  Let us help facilitate transactions between members so that all of us can start building a standard of quality for the products being brought to market.  While we are at it, we can reduce the transaction costs typically associated with brokering those deals.

Improved Compliance: You need to take compliance seriously, but it has become prohibitively expensive for most.  In fact, we have seen folks get charged as much as $400.00 per hour.  The GPO changes all of that.  Your membership includes access to a regulatory compliance “hotline,” helpful business forms and policies, and an eminently affordable consulting rate of $100.00 per hour.  By working together, we can create a compliance standard for the industry.


Transparency: From the vendors’ prices to the GPO’s fees, our members know exactly who is getting paid and how much.  This is the only way to remove the inefficiencies that currently plague the industry, which will ultimately reduce the overall cost of doing business.


Loyalty: We are not sales reps, so our loyalty is to you.  We just want the most outstanding services and products on the best terms possible for our members.


Confidentiality: No members will ever know your business, unless you want them to.

How do I become a Member?

Join here, it's super easy.  You just need to create an account, accept the terms of our membership agreement, and subscribe.  You can think of our membership agreement as the “terms of service” that you sign whenever you purchase a new app or set up a new mobile device, except that our agreement is much, much shorter, and it is actually designed to be in your favor.

We charge a modest membership fee of $299 per month.  The membership fee is month-to-month and can be cancelled any time.  It gives you access to all the GPO’s offerings, including three hours of “on-call” regulatory compliance consulting.  If you are in Oklahoma, you also gain access to exclusive member pricing of $100 per hour with a licensed regulatory compliance attorney should you ever need it.   

In addition to creating a standard of excellence in price and quality of products and services for our industry, our goal is to make compliance eminently affordable, and therefore, attainable by everyone. Learn more about the benefits of joining.

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